Corporate Events

For corporate events, obviously I can put on a very funny stage show with volunteers from your group. Once I introduce myself, I'll show your people examples of how and why they put the brakes on and even sabotage their potential income, their business relationships and their health. And I'll teach them how to break the chains of limitations and eliminate self destructive behaviors as well as techniques to improve all of the above. 

Quite often, when practicing those techniques, their mental focus, their health and their income will greatly improve. And all of this is accomplished while showing the amazing power of the mind and how you can do so much more in business as well as in life by hypnotizing some volunteers and putting them through some very funny and very entertaining skits, often with an underlying message. 

In order for a hypnosis stage show to be successful, everyone who will be attending the show needs to be told as far in advance as possible that there will be a hypnotist on stage who will be asking for volunteers to come up on stage to be hypnotized. This advanced notice fires up their imagination as to what hypnosis may or may not be. This creates expectation. Expectation puts a lot of people into a light hypnotic trance. And all of this helps the hypnotist get some of those people to volunteer to come on stage. The opposite is also true. If you spring it on people that are already at the event that there is a hypnotist, you will be doomed to fail. No one will volunteer.

The perfect amount of chairs on a large stage should be 12 but no more than 15. There should be hopefully an equal amount of male and female participants and the hypnotist will see to that.

I'm different from most hypnotists in that I get the entire audience to participate in focusing and relaxing exercises taking all of 5 to 10 minutes. This gives every audience member the opportunity to enjoy the hypnotic experience.

For corporate events, where there is a good sound system, I charge an average of $2,000 - for the first corporate event - depending on the type of event, traveling distance and the amount of people who will be attending. This is an introductory price. Additional shows can be up to $5,000. Contact me. We'll discuss it.

If you have a stage with it's own stage or auditorium speakers, then I'll only need one 1/4" input and one XLR input jack on it. I have my own mics.

Everyone under hypnosis is told to stay away from the edge of the stage for safety sake. I tell them there's an invisible barrier there that they cannot get close to. 

Below is my 1 1/2' x 3' banner that I sometimes put outside the event.