My Prices

Each In Person Therapy &/or Hypnosis Session is 60 to 90 minutes long and costs $150 locally (in Bakersfield) or $300 if I need to travel. (I moved from Los Angeles to near Bakersfield recently in order to care for my ageing parents. Therefore, I now travel in order to help my clients throughout Southern California).

Video Therapy Sessions are usually 60 to 90 minutes long and costs only $100 per session. And there's no extra charge if you need a little more time per session. International clients, please note that I only speak English so you must also be fluent in English. 

Stop Smoking HYPNOSIS Sessions are either in person or virtually. There's no such thing as a one visit cure-all for smoking, vaping, opiates, or any addiction for that matter. Statistically, most people will go back to their addictions after 1 to 3 months if they only go to a hypnotist for one session. I recommend at least 6 sessions, one every other day for two weeks, if you're serious about quitting smoking, drugs or opiates for good. You should never wait too long in between each session. Each 60 to 90 minute session is $150 in person (locally in Bakersfield) or $100 virtually through Google Duo or the virtual app of your choice.

Professional Sports Athletes, Actors, Singers, CEOs (ie: the elite). I understand your responsibilities and stressors are greater than the average person's. Remember that I offer psychological therapy or hypnotherapy or both.

Privacy Is Important To Me. I don't kiss and tell, as the saying goes. I don't need, nor want, to be propelled into the spotlight. Your health is my only concern. Not even my closest friends know who my clients are or the issues they needed help with.

I accept CREDIT CARDS or CASH or ONLINE PAYMENT. I use a Square secured credit card processor attached to my phone. Or you can pay online by clicking my Square link HERE. I don't accept checks. 

Clients who pay cash or charge try harder at Improving because they want to see a return on their investment, preferably as quickly as possible. Clients who use their insurance never pay out of pocket and therefore never feel a financial loss, so they have no incentive to improve or that is, see a return on their investment. This is why I only accept cash or charge.