My Experience 

I started reading college level psychology books at age 15 up to and through college, earning my degree in 1978 and specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, which is the fastest and most effective therapy that most therapists use.

Just before the year 2000, I then studied hypnotherapy for a year at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana CA which was conveniently just up the street from where I was born and raised.

Born and raised in Los Angeles County, Encino to be specific, some of my clients are CEOs, movie stars, popular singers and pro athletes, since they mostly live in my surrounding area. I mention this because they have a much higher level of anxiety, stress, depression, fear and lack of REM sleep, all of which are my specialties, as well as the issues I listed on my home page.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, I moved 140 miles north of Los Angeles just above Bakersfield, originally to care for my aging parents who have since passed away, and have since offered virtual sessions to my existing Los Angeles clients as well as to new clients. And of course, "in person" sessions in Bakersfield, since I now live near there, as well as Los Angeles and the surrounding counties are also available if requested.

A note here. YouTube is home for a lot of hypnotists that have no medical background and therefore limit their abilities to comedy stage hypnosis and street hypnosis while hopefully leaving the serious medical issues to us real medical professionals.

I have given speeches at corporate events in and around the Los Angeles County area, explaining how to counter the effects of stress. According to the Center for Disease Control/National Institute on Occupational Safety & Health, 120,000 people in the US die every year as a direct result of work-related stress. If you're considering a corporate event, then contact me for a condensed rundown of my talks as well as my prices.

As a medical professional, I must emphasize that all of my clients, both individual and corporate, are kept strictly confidential. I do not kiss and tell, as the saying goes. I do not seek the spotlight, only to help those in need.

Michael Conrad (me)