Want to lose weight?

From Richard Simmons in the 70's to every nutritionist and exercise expert since, they all agree with the following: all the fruits and vegetables you can eat, nutrient dense foods throughout the day, grains for fiber and plenty of exercise. 

Everything you are about to read on this page is a 100% accumulation of the most popular weight management companies such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Noom and Golo. You can click on each name and the link will take you to WebMD's reviews, and a review on Golo from Forbes Magazine.

There's no such thing as a "healthy" diet. A diet means that you are depriving yourself of something and no one is going to deprive themselves of something for life. Just remember, diet means "to die." Instead, "making healthier food choices" should feel like something that's easier to maintain for life, wouldn't you agree? Examples, grab a stack of bananas instead of a box of cookies. Order a chef salad at a pizza restaurant instead of the pizza. A bottle of Welch's grape juice is just as satisfying as a 2 liter bottle of soda. A boneless chicken breast in a sandwich instead of unhealthy processed lunch meats. Use mustard instead of mayonnaise, pepper instead of salt and vinaigrette dressing instead of ranch. Just remember, making healthier food choices doesn't mean you're depriving yourself of something. The following three paragraphs explains just how easy it is to make those healthier food choices.

There are only two types of food. The first is nutrient dense foods which are foods that have not been processed by machines, which means everything that is grown on a farm, and are therefore loaded with nutrients, and break down very slowly in your body thereby giving you strength and energy throughout the day. And since these farm grown foods break down very slowly, they prevent you from getting hungry faster. A list of nutrient dense foods are listed below.

The second type is machine processed food which means everything processed by machines. That means everything in the frozen food aisle, everything that has been packed in cans and all whole meats that have been transformed into lunch meats, which unfortunately includes pepperoni and regular as well as turkey bacon. There's no such thing as healthy bacon since they are both high in fat and salt. This also means cereal, candy bars, protein bars and energy drinks.

Just remember, if it grows on a farm then it's good for you and if it's created in a factory then it's bad for you. It's better to eat an apple and a banana than to have a protein bar. 

The following is a list of nutrient dense foods, but when in doubt, just remember they are everything that is grown on a farm:

  • All Fruits and Vegetables
  • Dark leafy greens are best
  • Boneless chicken breasts 
  • Berries (blackberries, blueberries, etc)
  • Whole grain breads
  • Eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt
  • Potatoes, Yams
  • Brown, wild or any rice
  • Black beans, green beans
  • Salmon, shellfish, sardines
  • Grass fed beef in moderation

Did you know that cereal and soda are the two main reasons why parents think their children have ADHD? Switch them to drinking water, milk or 100% fruit juice and eating everything that is grown on a farm and watch their symptoms disappear.

Before sitting your children down to bowl of sugar infested cereal every morning, think of this instead. Eggs are king. They are the most 100% complete whole foods on the planet with all 16 essential amino acids in the right ratios that are needed for the body to have optimal performance throughout the day.

It takes 5 minutes to cook four eggs (32g protein) and two slices of whole grain bread with "soft" margarine (stick margarines are loaded with the bad "saturated" fats so avoid them like the plague). Maybe even a bowl of mixed fruit on the side. They won't be hungry for hours and they won't show signs of the ADHD sugar highs and the depression style sugar lows known as "crashing" that most kids show signs of while in school. Besides, eggs are brain food and they reduce stress, helping them to do better in school.

It takes 15 minutes for your brain to realize your stomach is full. Think about that. This is why, when people stuff their faces with as much food as they can as fast as they can at thanksgiving, backyard barbecues and the like, they end up unbuttoning their pants and feel exhausted. But if they were to have a glass of milk or an envelope of Quaker instant oatmeal an hour before sitting down to a meal and eat very slowly, chewing their food instead of swallowing it whole, their brain would synchronize with their body and they wouldn't have to unbutton their pants or feel exhausted.

When your stomach growls, it's not because you're hungry, but because your stomach is shrinking. That's a good thing because as it shrinks, so will your cravings. If you must eat something, then eat from the above list of "nutrient dense foods" which fill you up as well as make you healthier.

If you love french fries as much as I do, avoid buying them at a fast food restaurant because they're deep-fried, high in saturated fat, covered in salt, will raise your cholesterol, clog your arteries and perpetuates morbid obesity. It's better to slice your potatoes at home, leaving the skin on, then soak them in cold water for 5 minutes to remove the starch, then rinse them until the water is clear, then drop them in already boiling water for 10 minutes which will soften them up and remove the rest of the starch, then wrap them in a towel and pat them dry, sprinkle with your choice of seasoning, then broil in the oven until crispy which should be 30 minutes, turning them over halfway through.

Birthday parties are your worst enemy. There's no such thing as healthy cake and ice cream. And there's no law that says you have to eat them when you're at a birthday party. Try throwing a birthday party serving vegetarian style pizza and bowls of mixed fruit instead.

You may notice fast food commercials showing double cheeseburgers with onion rings or french fries and bacon shoved into them. It's a heart attack waiting to happen and the food obese people love most. Learn to hate these commercials, the advertised food and the restaurants that sell them. 

People who smoke cigarettes or vape believe in the lie that if they quit smoking they will gain weight. This is absolutely not true. It's your intake of sugar that causes you to gain weight, not quitting smoking. The fat in animal meat makes you gain weight as well and will end up on your waistline in 4 hours after a meal as well as clog your arteries, cause a stroke and can give you a heart attack. But it's mostly your sugar intake that makes you gain weight. 

All diets work. They all work because every single one of them stresses to only eat nutrient dense foods, meaning foods that are grown on a farm, cut out all animal fats, salts and sugars, meaning everything created by a machine, and especially to eat smaller portions of the nutrient dense foods than you normally would, thereby lessening your caloric intake. The reason they didn't work for you is because you cheated. You consumed machine processed foods, especially sugary foods and sodas. So let's put the blame where the blame belongs.

Whether you eat the bad sugar which is processed sugar found in cereal and machine manufactured items or whether you eat the healthy sugars which are naturally found in fruits and vegetables, all sugar turns to glucose. The glucose then enters your blood system and if there's too much, it will raise your blood pressure. Insulin is then released from your pancreas and pulls the glucose out of your bloodstream which will then lower your blood pressure and deposits the glucose in your body's cells to be used immediately for energy and stores the excess glucose in other cells to be used throughout the day so that you don't get tired or hungry in between meals. If you sit around all day, don't exercise or raise your metabolism throughout the day then that excess stored glucose isn't utilized and therefore turns to fat WITHIN 4 HOURS.

If you have a round beer belly, or have a spare tire around your waist or are obese or morbidly obese then you need to wake up and realize that your body does not process sugar the way others do and you should avoid all processed sugars and fat from animal meat at all costs. 

There's no such thing as losing weight without exercise, regardless of what those "take a pill overnight and lose weight while you sleep without changing the foods you eat" manufacturers claim. If you're finally serious about losing weight then you need to exercise. Check out this great video from VDS Gym: CLICK HERE.

In the early 70s only 14% of Americans were obese with a very small portion being morbidly obese. By the year 2020, almost 60% of Americans were obese with the majority of them being morbidly obese. The number one reason for this is because they have created an "I don't care" attitude. Listen carefully, because every fat person will either say "I don't care, I'm married" or "I don't care, if they don't like the way I look, screw them." I even heard a woman say "I can't wait till I get married so that I can stop exercising."

And the epidemic is not just in the United States but in most major developed countries as well. This is where you should take note that in small mountain villages where the people live on homegrown fruits, vegetables, grains and moderate amounts of seafood, there is little to no obesity at all and their life spans are much longer than the rest of us as well.

Whether it's mental illness or a lack of willpower, obesity is an epidemic and a health industry hazard. Television programs and commercials are capitalizing on this epidemic by attempting to convince Americans that obesity is the new norm, using words like plus size and big is beautiful, thus minimizing the most important issue, that obesity and morbid obesity is self-destructive and one of the main reasons why insurance premiums for every single American is so high across the board. In the United States alone, more than 300,000 people die every year from obesity.

Gastric bypass surgery is for weak-willed people who can't stop eating processed sugary foods and meats that contain animal fat. But before surgery, the doctor will tell you that you must meet him halfway by doing just that. So why not just cut them out without having surgery? Having surgery does not stop your cravings for sugar and fat. It just limits how much you can shove down your throat at any given time. If you are considering gastric bypass surgery, a lap band, then I recommend you read the following article HERE.

Now go back to the paragraph that begins with "Feeling hungry..." and never hate yourself for gaining weight but instead, hate the sugary foods that cause you to gain weight while learning to love the farm grown nutrient dense foods that help you to lose weight.

A neighbor of mine in Los Angeles had a potbelly pig that was so fat he couldn't stand because his belly was larger than his feet were long. The family mindlessly gave the pig all their table scraps every day for years. His twin just died from obesity. Which is when they finally asked me for help. The key point to remember here is, pigs have the same constitution as a human body which is why surgeons give us pig parts. So I figured, if humans lose weight by eating fruits, vegetables and lean me twice a day, then why not pigs? They had an outside refrigerator which I filled with fruits and vegetables from the local fruit and vegetable stand. The secret to weight loss here is simple, if you squeeze it and liquid comes out then it's better for you than the vegetables you squeeze where no liquid comes out. So everyday, morning, noon and night, I would lay in front of him large amounts of all the fruits and vegetables he could eat that contained the most amount of water. And twice a day he would get no more than a handful of protein pellets, actually it was how much I could scoop up with both hands at once. Sadly I had to watch him drag his fat belly sideways across the ground to reach his new food choices. Within 3 weeks, he could stand and I would then place the fruit, vegetables and protein pellets in a circle around his pen so that he could finally walk around to get to them. Within 3 months, and I measured this, his belly was 10 inches off the ground and he had no signs of looking fat and he was literally running around the much larger yard that was outside his personal pen. People coming in to check up on him exclaimed in surprise that it didn't even look like he was the same pig they remembered earlier. The lesson to be learned here is simple, if you've never been able to lose weight, think about all the table scraps you're eating then focus more on the foods I gave this particular pig to lose weight.