The Ties That Bind

When you are conceived, you are attached to your mother through an umbilical cord. But where did you come from? You have a greater consciousness, which let's say is floating around in a sea of collective consciousness, and is attached to you through a metaphysical umbilical cord, also known as an astral cord. When you get a great idea that seems to come out of nowhere, it came from your greater consciousness. Yes, this greater consciousness speaks to you both in words as well as in feelings.

And you receive these incredible messages mostly when you are completely relaxed and have completely emptied your thoughts which allow these messages to enter more easily.

Everyone and everything that breathes has a greater consciousness, both humans as well as animals. And we are all forever connected to that sea of collective consciousness.

When you fall in love, whether it is with another human or a pet, both of your metaphysical umbilical cords, your astral cords, become entwined, as if they are twisting together like well braided strands of hair. And once entwined, they will remain so forever and not even physical death can separate them.

When a loved person or pet dies, it's consciousness enters the metaphysical sea of collective consciousness and yet, is still entwined and connected to the ones they love, forever through their unbreakable astral cords. 

As in this life, when you're happy, the ones you love, both human and animal, who also love you, feel it. And when you're sad, they feel it as well. In this life, your loved ones communicate their feelings towards you in too many ways to describe. It is when they die that your communication with each other changes to a metaphysical one. 

Every time you say their name, you send a vibration up your entwined astral cord, much like a telegraph through a telegraph line, and they hear you. And when you talk to them, they understand you. And if by chance you cry, it is them telling you they love and miss you as well. By the way, this interchanging and sharing of feelings along the astral cord is scientifically called "quantum entanglement" by physicists. 

If there is a god, a god of love, then he would not give you a pet or a child to love more than life itself, only to take it from you, never to be with each other again. Nor would he prevent you from communicating with each other after physical death. It is the tie that binds that keeps the line of communication open. A picture, an object they held dear to them, a toy your pet played with, are all "touch stones" that open the line of communication. And in their absence, it is you saying their name. 

Some will say there are no animals in heaven. I disagree because there are many sections in the Bible which say there are. A Google search can show you those passages. Think of the four horsemen. Are the horses in heaven or will they have to rent them when they come down to earth?

A hypnotist can help you relax to the point where he or she can use the power of suggestion to help you see and talk with a loved one that has since moved on, both child and pet. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality which is why your dreams feel so real. With that in mind, I present to you this question. Will you be imagining meeting your loved one or will you be meeting in real life in a more metaphysical sense of it's own reality?